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Disability Insurance

Protection for your loved ones if the worst should happen.

Disability Insurance

Most people understand the value of life insurance.  But what happens if you are unlucky enough to sustain a serious illness, chronic disease or accident which prevents you from working? Such a scenario could be disastrous for your family’s financial security.  That is where disability insurance can bring you peace of mind.

Disability insurance provides you with a portion of your income if you suffer from an illness or accident that keeps you from working, either temporarily or permanently.

Studies show that you are more likely to sustain a disability than die before average retirement age. A disability can have a dramatic and long-term impact on your earning potential, given that the average time off work is nearly three years.

Types of disability insurance

  • Short-term disability insurance generally offers the policyholder a maximum of 6 months of benefits.
  • Long-term disability insurance usually kicks in at the end of short-term disability insurance.
  • Top up to existing disability coverage you have through your employer.

Let us help determine which type of policy is right for you.

Types of Insurance Policies

How much life insurance do I need?

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